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Top Tips For Medical Practice Success – November 2018 Newsletter The primary goal for any medical clinic is a steadfast focus on patient care. It takes a lot of work behind the scenes to establish and maintain this focus. Key to your success is the culture of your practice and how your staff work within […]

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Managing a medical practice requires a diverse skill set. Taking a medical practice from plans through to a completed fit-out requires even more. That’s why Interite Healthcare Interiors are part of our practice setup team that consulted for the recent fit-out of Medpods Medical Centre.

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100 + Healthcare Sites To Choose From! Levitch Design Australia (LDA) aren’t real estate specialists or buyers agents, but they do understand the importance of finding the right site for your medical practice.

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Setting up medical practice advertising that is cohesive, cost-effective and compliant with Australian Law requires many considerations. Just getting to the stage of setting up a medical practice ready to take bookings, involves a plethora of tasks.

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The thought of setting up a new medical centre can be exciting and daunting all at the same time. Being an doctor, you have probably worked in a number of centres before making the decision to start your own practice.

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Are you thinking about opening up your own new medical practice? The idea of going out on your own can be quite a daunting experience, with a medical practice setup involving a long list of business, financial and compliance requirements all needing to be met.

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Technology has the potential to make everything easier, particularly when it comes to small clinics and medical centres. Specifically, task automation can save clinics time and money, freeing up clinicians and support staff to spend more quality time with their patients. Want to learn which tasks it makes the most sense to automate?

Start taking the first steps to opening your own medical practice. You can read the original newsletter article here from Elite Fit Out November 2017 newsletter. The idea of ‘going out on your own’ can be an exciting yet daunting experience. Ensuring that your practice will meet both your needs and the needs

We have expressed, on many occasions, the importance of having doctors on binding written contracts to ensure the continuity of their services to your practice and to protect your goodwill. Contractor or employee? Don’t forget, how hard it was and how much it cost to recruit them!

A partnership of trusts is not an uncommon structure for the operation of a medical practice. But are you aware that at law there is a rule against self-dealing? Now consider for a moment the not uncommon structure for the ownership and operation of a medical practice where a company was incorporated (A Co. Pty Ltd)