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Top Tips For Medical Practice Success – November 2018 Newsletter

The primary goal for any medical clinic is a steadfast focus on patient care. It takes a lot of work behind the scenes to establish and maintain this focus.

Key to your success is the culture of your practice and how your staff work within that culture; your business systems and processes; and an efficiently-run practice.


Working as a team goes a long way to ensuring a successful medical practice. Keeping all staff up to date with the regular changes to regulations and requirements will ensure your team will work well together and maintain a calm, working environment.

Practice Management and Compliance

Setting up and maintaining a medical practice is a complex process, and takes a lot of planning, knowledge and expertise.  Careful planning and consultation with healthcare design and management experts will make a huge difference to patient experience, operational efficiency, and ultimately, the overall success of your practice.

Working in this way assists you to work with project management processes to ensure your practice is set up in a systemised and efficient manner. You may have been working in a practice that wasn’t set up effectively or you may be looking to start up your own practice. Either way, talking to an expert is the best way to go.

Practice Design for Effective Patient Flow

Once the business planning for your new centre is well underway, the next step is working on your practice design. The key behind an efficiently-run medical clinic is the seamless movement of patients.

By minimising wait time and transitioning patients quickly, you can increase efficiency, patient satisfaction, and maximise the number of patients your practice can treat without compromising quality of care.

How do you ensure effective patient flow?

  1. Define patient destinations with clear signage and lighting
  2. Avoid bottlenecks in the reception area by having designated areas for check-in and check-out
  3. Plan your layout to ensure logical traffic patterns for your patients, staff and supplies

Design Inspiration

Need some visual inspiration? Take a look at examples of medical practices designed to achieve efficient and effective patient flow.

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