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Differentiating yourself within a competitive marketplace requires careful consideration. Penny Fraser from Unita has some pointers for adding value to your medical practice setup or refurbishment through features and technology that meet the needs of clients.

Just like other markets the healthcare and wellness, space is becoming increasingly competitive. This is especially true when it comes to the more elective treatments.

Just like a retailer you may find yourself competing for market share in a world of endless choices. Patients are increasingly cultured and becoming more discerning through research and both physical or digital media.

For a new or growing practice setting yourself apart through both your physical and digital presence is key to launching or growing a successful brand. In its truest sense this approach to sales can be referred to as ‘omnichannel’. For many healthcare professionals and practice managers the idea of navigating this in a world of increasing digitisation can be overwhelming.

The Healthcare world is moving fast, to stay ahead you need to level-up your strategies if you want to remain in-step with global trends and patient expectations. Patients are now demanding the same conveniences from doctors that they find at restaurants and retailers, and an increasing number of options are out there for patients to choose from. With more clinics available, Healthcare practices need to cater more to patient demands and stand out from the crowd.

Unita is a relative newcomer to the medical space but with over 15 years’ experience across multiple sectors including some of the most competitive markets such as Hospitality, Retail and Entertainment we understand these new challenges better than most. We like to think of it as cross-pollination. Taking the best that some of these markets have to offer and sharing ideas and solutions that haven’t yet been considered across the divided sectors. We have worked with and witnessed some true innovation as well as understand the patient journey and experience that is essential to securing lifetime clients.

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At Unita, we not only understand how to design and build an environment that fits your brand proposition or strategy, we can work with you from a branding and business point of view to ensure you are attracting and maintaining your ideal client. We can help work with you on strategies to not only minimise your initial build costs but help with minimising ongoing operational costs through efficiencies or better still generating additional revenue through value add strategies.

Our top 4 value adds for your business:

  • Consider incorporating ancillary services like pathology labs, pharmacies, X-Ray and retail spaces into your practice design to offer for rent or additional income.
  • Ensure your waiting, consult and treatment rooms are a welcoming environment conducive to transactions and meet the demands of the modern market with free Wi-Fi, coffee and water.
  • If you haven’t already, look into introducing operational efficiencies through online booking services via your website or a tailored App and Self Check-In Kiosks.
  • Reach additional clients outside your catchment through telehealth and video consultations.

With due consideration and careful planning, your new practice can be much more than just bricks and mortar, it can become a brand and a platform from which to take your business forward.

Written by Penny Fraser
National Business Manager – Healthcare – Unita
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