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The Business Of Running A Medical Practice

You have worked long and hard to finish your medical training. As you approach your final year, thoughts turn to starting your own practice. However all you discover is that all those long hours at the hospital have taught you how to be an excellent clinician, but not the first thing about the business of medical practice.

You are not alone. The fact is there is very little time devoted to your training on how to run the business of medicine. Most training programs do not provide any courses on practice management.

Guidance Through A Maze Of Decisions

Even if you spend a fair amount of your time training in General Practices or Specialty Practices, few preceptors will open up their business practices in order to teach you the finer points of running a small business. In fact, business and compliance is becoming very complex. Many medical professionals find the maze of compliance too challenging and decide instead to work in established practices or the hospital environment.

Launching your own medical practice may be the most significant professional decision you make in your life. You need to seriously consider your options and proceed carefully. Any project requires a business plan. You need to construct your practice as deliberately as an architect would design a building.

At NJHBS we help you tailor your business plan and “construct” your medical centre design and business. We make the experience rewarding and fun – the way it should be. Our team is friendly and professional . We not only manage the establishment process but mentor you along the way.

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Some Areas Of Consideration

We provide assistance with the following:

  • Formation of Business Plans
  • Fit out and interior design . We work with Elite Fitout Solutions to create the perfect design for you
  • Formation of legal entity, i.e. Trust and Company
  • Credentialing process with APRHA and Medicare Australia
  • All aspects of financial planning
  • Loan assistance with banks and finance companies, i.e. Westpac, NAB Health, St George
  • Purchase of medical equipment and furniture
  • Assistance with recruiting/selection of staff – Recruitment rates are very competative
  • Medicare and Veteran Affairs agreements
  • Registration of PIP, PNIP and other Government Departments to acquire Grants
  • Establishment of a fee schedule
  • Selection of practice management services, i.e. Tele Practice Management or Onsite
  • Creation of encounter forms and all applicable forms, i.e. Care Plans, Health Assessments, Referrals
  • Workflow of office operation processes
  • Order Initiative books
  • Evaluation of technology (including IT) i.e. Pracsoft, Medical Director, Best Practice, Blue Chip, Stat Health
  • Coordination of phone system
  • Development of compliance policies and Online Practice Manual
  • Staff training with medical software and practice policies
  • Marketing practice
  • Hospital privileges (if required)
  • Initiation of payroll service and bookkeeping services, i.e. MYOB
medical practice setup management consulting - areas of consideration - health industry consultant - nicky jardine


RACGP 5th Edition Standards Accreditation With AGPAL AND GPA

Are you a General Practice and considering RACGP Accreditation? Even the mere thought of going through the accreditation process can be daunting and quite stressful. But :-

“ Accreditation has had a positive role in improving quality and safety in general practice. The inclusion of tighter indicators that require verifiable evidence will be a step forward. The Australian Primary Care Collaborative (APCC) Program has an opportunity to build on its previous success in general practice quality improvement to further enhance patient safety in General practice” Retrieved 18 November 2014 .

So if the above statement is true why do general practices shudder the thought of the accreditation experience?

At Nicky Jardine Health Business Solutions (NJHBS) we guide and manage you through the process and mentor your staff to get the most out of accreditation. Under “Nicky Jardine’s” management two practices have been awarded RACGP Practice of the Year under the recommendation of the accreditation bodies.

We work throughout Australia and most of the accreditation consultation can be done on line or via Tele Practice Management. We have online practice manuals, task management systems for your medical receptionists, practice nurses and doctors and a wealth of knowledge of the RACGP Accreditation Standards. We may also be able to help you acquire a Grant from the government to help with the process, plus register your medical practice with the Practice Incentive Program and the Practice Nurse Incentive Program.

Contact our friendly team today to see how we can help you. We are leaders in the accreditation process and have proven experience to ensure this a positive time for your practice with profitable results. Not only will your practice be compliant but we will teach you how to utilise all your new systems to market your practice effectively.

Accreditation is not daunting for us! We have assisted scores of practices successfully pass accreditation.

medical practice setup management consulting - agpal accreditation - health industry consultant - nicky jardine

IT Support

Are you setting up a new medical practice or considering changing software or medical IT companies?

“Nicky Jardine (NJHBS)” has worked with medical practices over the past 25 years by either setting up new IT or teaching medical software packages. Not only do we understand the technology but we are medical managers ourselves so understand that one software package does not fit all! Each practice has their own workflow, systems and uses for the software. At NJHBS we not only train you but we also setup the workflows for your practice so you get the most out of the software.

The best part about dealing with our company is that we speak “doctor and practice manager” not “computer” so you will have a complete understanding of what is going on.

NJHBS partners with excellent IT companies throughout Australia to offer you a turnkey solution to all of your IT requirements.

medical practice setup management consulting - it support - health industry consultant - nicky jardine

Our Companies Offer:

  • New IT Network installations for new practices
  • Upgrade the IT Network and IT Devices of existing practices
  • Medical Software advice – and training in Best Practice Medical Director Pracsoft
  • Designing IT Networks compliant to their EMR and Practice management software.
  • Medical data compliant Onsite and Offsite backup solutions
  • Cloud Hosting solutions
  • Redesigning existing IT Networks to operate more effectively and efficiently
  • Medical Reception Induction Program (Online)
  • We work with nearly Medical Software programs and highly experienced with designing compliant and effective IT Networks in line with the software’s requirements
  • Remote Connectivity and Cloud Hosted solutions
  • On-going cost effective maintenance plans.
  • Data recovery and Disaster recovery.
  • Ongoing hardware and software support with retainer arrangement
  • Online Practice Manual/ Task Management system compliant with RACGP 4th Edition Standards
  • Integrated IT i.e. Medical Objects, Healthlink, Pathology, Radiology
  • Advice of ehealth and ebusiness
  • Medicare Easyclaims including TYRO and Medicare online claiming
  • Formation of Care Plans, Health Assessments and marketing strategies for patient data base
  • Online appointments including Health Engine
  • Online results portal for patients

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