Taking The First Steps To Opening Your Own Medical Practice

Start taking the first steps to opening your own medical practice.

You can read the original newsletter article here from Elite Fit Out November 2017 newsletter.

The idea of ‘going out on your own’ can be an exciting yet daunting experience. Ensuring that your practice will meet both your needs and the needs of your patients is a key challenge, and expert advice should be sought early on in your decision-making process.

Defining Your Goals

Even before finding potential locations or deciding what your practice might look like, you first need to consider your practice setup. What sort of practice you want – sole practitioner vs. multiple doctors, what type of services to offer and your budget to set up and fit-out the premises.

Working through the business, financial and compliance requirements will be challenging and involves putting in place the following:

  • a formal business plan
  • obtaining financing if required
  • accreditation from APRHA and Medicare Australia

You will need to consider purchasing medical equipment, practice software, and dozens of other items.

Many medical professionals find the maze of compliance and business planning challenging, so they choose to outsource that aspect of the process to medical practice management experts who can help with this aspect of setting up a new practice.

If you haven’t thought about staff training this type of company can provide medical receptionists and administrative staff training, and can also manage the business side of your practice when you are up and running with practice business audits.

The next challenge is choosing a fitout company that has experience in medical practice design and construction. At Elite Fitout Solutions, we take the time to discuss your objectives to ensure your new practice reflects your vision and are efficient and functional.

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