Setting Up A Medical Practice Or Need A New Service Supplier?

Setting up or revamping a medical practice requires a variety of resources.

Nicky has developed an extensive range of business connections over the years. She teams up with those services that are the best in their respective fields.

A List Of NJHBS Resources

These are just some of the health business resources that can be utilised for your practice to offer tailored solutions.

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Online Appointments:

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IT Companies:

Priority 1 IT Benefits

9 full-time technicians

40 seconds average time to answer the phone

10 minutes average time to respond via email

200+ medical practices supported

400+ businesses supported

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Why Priority 1 IT

Priority 1 IT is one of the most trusted names in Medical IT support.

We focus exclusively on providing reliable, round-the-clock support to medical centres and businesses all over Australia. Our team of qualified technicians are trained in all aspects of medical IT, so we can provide you with fast, effective support when you need it most.

At Priority 1, we understand that your IT systems are the backbone of your business.

That’s why we’ve invested heavily in providing a great support experience for our clients. When our clients need help they are connected with a support technician via phone in less than a minute who can assist.

Our support team, on average, answer calls within 40 seconds and respond to emails within 10 minutes. So say goodbye to long waiting times and contact us today!

Security Approach

Cybersecurity is not just a concern for large companies with deep pockets, it’s a problem for businesses of all sizes and in all locations. 

Priority 1 IT, through our security-first approach and dedication to protecting your data from cyber breaches means that you can rest easy knowing you are taking all reasonable measures to protect your systems from a breach so that nobody’s personal information gets compromised along any part of their healthcare process or customer transactions.

It’s not a matter of if you will suffer from cybersecurity events, but when. Cybersecurity is an increasingly important issue for medical IT systems, especially with the rapid growth in cyber breaches. 

So that you are protected and covered by your cyber liability insurance, you need to meet minimum specifications for security.

Without meeting these standards, you can be left not only holding the bill after a breach but suffering severe reputational and business damage in the process.

We’ve simplified this process and developed the “Priority Technology Security Package”. 

This package is a simple fixed monthly charge and allows us to set up everything required to tick all the necessary security boxes which will not only reduce your cyber risk but also give you the best chance of maintaining your reputation and getting a payout from your cyber liability insurance in the event of a breach.

With our new “Priority Technology Security Package”, we’ll take care of everything from 24/7 security log monitoring and offsite backups to virus protection so you can focus on your business. 

This simple fixed monthly charge significantly reduces cyber risk and will also give you the best chance of maintaining your reputation and getting coverage from your cyber liability insurance in the event of a breach.

Our Cloud

Priority 1 are the cloud experts, with cloud options ranging from our private cloud to public cloud options such as Azure and AWS. 

Cloud servers can be a great asset to your technology systems, with cloud you can get rid of your onsite servers and critical equipment and have it professionally hosted in a data centre.

When you move to the cloud, you eliminate many issues you experience with onsite equipment. 

Essentially, instead of onsite equipment, which needs to be maintained, updated and replaced you get to use part of the premium and reliable equipment stored in data centres. 

These servers have 99%+ uptime and are highly available and accessible Australia-wide from any internet-connected system.

Cloud hosting enables you to access your data anytime, anywhere, on any computer with a reliable internet connection. 

Servers for our private cloud are located in the Toowoomba Pulse Datacentre, and Sydney Equinix Datacentre. Servers for azure are located in several data centres all across Australia.

Overall, cloud servers are a great option for businesses because they provide many benefits and cost savings compared to traditional IT systems.

Practice Intelligence Platform:

Real Estate:


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Practice Manuals:


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Medical Supplies:


Training And Resources:

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Community Healthcare:

What’s Your Current Situation?

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Starting Up
Just Opened
Growing Quickly
Needing Growth
Ready To Expand

Where to begin?

There is much to consider before opening the doors of your practice and these are some of the things that you may need;

  • Formation of business plans and selection of quality business services and material suppliers
  • Interior design, fit-out and purchasing of medical equipment and furniture
  • Credentialing process with APHRA and Medicare Australia as well as Medicare and Veteran Affairs agreements
  • Formation of legal entity and assistance with all aspects of financial planning including loan assistance with banks and finance companies
  • Registration of PIP, WIP and other Government Departments to acquire Grants
  • Selection of practice management services, a workflow of office operation processes and establishment of a fee schedule
  • Evaluation and coordination of IT, telephony, software and hardware needs
  • Development of compliance policies, online practice manuals, encounter forms and all applicable forms
  • Assistance with recruiting/selection of medical and support staff with the right skill sets
  • Staff training with medical software and practice policies and initiation of payroll and bookkeeping services
  • Broad marketing campaign for practice opening, and creation of online and onsite presence through website and signage
  • Organising of hospital privileges if required

Read more about medical practice setup here.

Off to a smooth start

Opening the doors of a medical practice brings with it the reality of running a medical centre, so the following can be utilised in the initial stages of your business;

  • Hands-on training and mentoring of all reception staff
  • Prompt problem-solving support for the office manager and staff members
  • Liaising with staff and IT to resolve software and hardware issues
  • Assessment and adjustments to office operation processes
  • Paid advertising campaigns through Google Ads and Social Media
  • Expanding of website content and SEO activities
  • Physical promotional material to introduce services to public and local businesses
  • Organising design, construction and approval from council for building signage

Read more about practice management here.

Time to Consolidate

It’s great that the practice has grown and everyone is busy, but keeping up with the pace will require working smart rather than just hard;

  • Studying financial data and developing a solid budget to help better manage cash flow
  • Organising and offering of ongoing professional development for staff
  • Implementation of mentoring and coaching groups
  • Assist management in the preparation and steering of meetings
  • Process and procedures streamlining based upon groups and meeting feedback
  • Monitoring waste management and disposal to develop strategies for improvement
  • Medical supply cost reduction and setting up of orders, deliveries and returns tracking
  • Assessment of current marketing for redistribution of advertising budget

Read more about GP practice consulting here.

Room To Improve

Even an established medical practice can have its client base or caseloads plateau but there are ways to move forward;

  • Analysis of business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Practice audit for financial leaks and revising management of cash-flow
  • Monitoring of accounts receivable including billing and collections processes
  • Surveying of current patients to determine the potential of new services and to meet patient needs
  • Create a point of difference through supporting GP’s in expanding their skills and qualifications
  • Initiate one on one evaluation of all staff with ongoing feedback and support
  • Investigate areas to refresh such as software, decor, practice processes and customer skills training
  • Review of current marketing and seeking promotional opportunities

Read more about GP practice consulting here.

How To Build?

When a practice is moving along nicely it’s wise to take that breathing space to formulate a plan for the next steps towards profitable growth;

  • Review and negotiation of contracts and agreements with suppliers
  • Research and offering of new or improved services
  • Prepare and review monthly income/expense budget
  • Increase effectiveness and efficiency of on the job training
  • Invest in external clinical education and training teams
  • Market the success of the practice to attract new doctors and big quality support staff
  • Marketing to new geographic areas via social media and Google advertising

Read more about GP practice consulting here.

Succession Planning

Selling a medical business is a challenging process and requires a variety of professionals throughout the process for a stress-free transaction;

    • Assistance and advice from negotiation to the signing of the contract
    • Engaging practice appraisers and brokers to provide complete guidance
    • Organising legal advice for the sale process
    • Assisting with the finalising of financial matters
    • Transferring or closing down of social media and online presence

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Taking That Next Step Or Striking Out On Your Own?

With over 30 years of health industry experience, Nicky and her team are well-placed for medical practice recruitment.

Nicky has a range of GP jobs and medical practice positions available, while those looking to set up a medical practice can choose from a range of commercial leases.

A full list of jobs and lease opportunities is available here.

What Services Are You Looking For?

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Practice Setup
  • Fitout and Design
  • Recruiting Staff
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Accreditation
  • IT Hardware & Setup
Practice Management
  • Medicare Compliance & Exceptions
  • HR & Staff Management
  • Bookkeeping & Accounts
  • Analysing Financial & Systems Management
  • Practice Audits
  • Feasibility Studies for New Practices
  • CDM Training & Workflow
  • Financial Services
  • Buy & Sell Practices
Medical Marketing
  • Website Design
  • Website Support & Maintenance
  • Google Ranking With SEO
  • Social Media
  • Google Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Medical Software Training

    – Best Practice
    – Pracsoft
    – Medical Director

  • Medical Reception Courses

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