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A medical centre with optimised practice management has a better chance of having satisfied clients, relaxed staff and focused doctors. Achieving all three may seem unattainable, yet even if one of these areas is focused upon there is sure to be a follow-on effect.

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When it comes to your practice setup and designing the reception area for your medical clinic, the focus needs to be squarely on your patients. Your reception area determines what your patients’ first impressions will be, so its essential that you meet their needs from the outset.

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Several factors can lead to a medical practice losing money, yet don’t think for one moment that your medical practice is different from any other. If you do not have robust systems in place for every aspect of your medical practice, you will be losing money.

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By now medical practices have adjusted to TeleHealth and social distancing within consultations, changes to MBS items, challenges sourcing personal protective equipment, the introduction of workplace and IT systems associated with those adjustments, along with a plethora of staff and clients needs.

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When starting a new medical centre, potential owners always discuss the fit-out, medical equipment, IT and of course recruiting doctors to their practice. Marketing or branding never seems high on some agendas. However, marketing is one of the most important aspects of a new practice.

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Come Make History With Us! Please Share Our Call To Action To Join The Chrysalis This Friday June 19! With a 1 in 2.4 chance of being diagnosed with cancer by age 80 on the Sunshine Coast, the confronting reality is that you, your loved ones or your friends will be touched by cancer

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An overhaul of your medical practice marketing goals and strategies may be the last thing on your mind at the moment. That would be understandable considering the current economic climate.

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BetterConsult is here! We’re excited to announce that the doctors at our practice now use BetterConsult to screen for COVID-19 and help you get the most out of your appointment. BetterConsult is a “smart” pre-consultation questionnaire that asks the questions your doctor usually asks about the reason for your visit.

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If I had a dollar for every time a medical centre asked me if I knew of any GPs looking for a job, well you know my answer! Yes, I would be a millionaire. There is a shortage of General Practitioners in Australia, which makes the recruitment process a lot harder.

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Differentiating yourself within a competitive marketplace requires careful consideration. Penny Fraser from Unita has some pointers for adding value to your medical practice setup or refurbishment through features and technology that meet the needs of clients. Just like other markets the healthcare and wellness, space is becoming increasingly competitive.