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A medical centre with optimised practice management has a better chance of having satisfied clients, relaxed staff and focused doctors. Achieving all three may seem unattainable, yet even if one of these areas is focused upon there is sure to be a follow-on effect.

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Please find below the first blog of the year! Firstly can I send my heartfelt thoughts for those Australians who are suffering in the fires. It seems that everyone you talk to has either been directly or indirectly impacted by the fires.

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I get asked this question several times a week and the best way to explain it is how I developed this system for virtual practice management many years ago, and the momentum it has created since that time. I managed a large general medical centre in Queensland. Ten consulting rooms, sixteen doctors and around ten […]

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Technology has the potential to make everything easier, particularly when it comes to small clinics and medical centres. Specifically, task automation can save clinics time and money, freeing up clinicians and support staff to spend more quality time with their patients. Want to learn which tasks it makes the most sense to automate?

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This article appeared first in the Hot Docs newsletter. With accreditation fast approaching it is imperative to have good systems in place for your practice. This means having all of your documentation in one area.

We’ve all faced the prospect of replacing the practice IT server with some trepidation. Unfortunately when it starts to grind to a halt, there seems to be even more temptation to put it off. The high up-front costs, the disruption to the clinic’s operations, the risk of data loss or corruption, as well as

Medical Practice Management Software (PMS) and clinical software have gone through several changes over the years. They still help practices organise medical records, billing and appointments; but applications now perform other functions too, such as automation of recalls and reminders, ePrescribing, patient kiosks, online appointments, patient portals – some all in the one program.