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Several factors can lead to a medical practice losing money, yet don’t think for one moment that your medical practice is different from any other. If you do not have robust systems in place for every aspect of your medical practice, you will be losing money.

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By now medical practices have adjusted to TeleHealth and social distancing within consultations, changes to MBS items, challenges sourcing personal protective equipment, the introduction of workplace and IT systems associated with those adjustments, along with a plethora of staff and clients needs.

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When starting a new medical centre, potential owners always discuss the fit-out, medical equipment, IT and of course recruiting doctors to their practice. Marketing or branding never seems high on some agendas. However, marketing is one of the most important aspects of a new practice.

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An overhaul of your medical practice marketing goals and strategies may be the last thing on your mind at the moment. That would be understandable considering the current economic climate.

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Medical practice management involves many roles, and social media marketing can assist a medical centre in many ways. Communication with existing patients can be done through a variety of mediums

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The healthcare sector is the largest employer in Australia, and it is still growing. The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that the industry added 33,000 new jobs between May 2016 and May 2017, bringing the total number of workers to 1.6 million.

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Management of medical practice promotion involves more than an A-frame and appointment cards or a listing on Google maps. Just like practice management, it requires a diverse set of skills and knowledge but ultimately must reflect the vision of the medical centre. Medical practice promotional activities should take a more proactive approach to make the […]

We’ve all faced the prospect of replacing the practice IT server with some trepidation. Unfortunately when it starts to grind to a halt, there seems to be even more temptation to put it off. The high up-front costs, the disruption to the clinic’s operations, the risk of data loss or corruption, as well as

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Should Doctors have a sales force? Should doctors have a sales force? Hmmm…. The reality is that all doctors have a sales force. They are your frontline staff. Receptionists, nurses, practice managers, anyone who has a direct interface with your patients – whether clinical or non-clinical – is your sales force.