Kicking Medical Practice Management Goals, From A Solid Foundation

It has been a very exciting couple of months for our company, with super growth and some great clients on board. We are very proud of our achievements and the great staff we have working with us.


North Lakes Medpods will be completed mid – June 2018 . We have been overwhelmed with the interest from around Australia. Plans are moving forward to open Medpods in NSW and WA. Check out the website with pictures of how the new Medpod will look after completion. Medpods Medical Centres are designed to have 2-4 doctors consulting plus a treatment area.

Applications are now open for doctors who would like to work at Medpods North Lakes, weekends or after hours. Contact our office for a profile of the company and the position description. Medpods are also taking enquiries from interested parties about future locations and investment opportunities.

One Point Medical

We are delighted to announce that One Point Medical is one of the five finalist medical centres in Australia for ‘Practice of the Year’ 2018. Located in Melbourne, this is an amazing practice, with a great group of doctors and staff. Their “out of the box” thinking and marketing has helped this practice develop into a very inspiring general practice. In just four years the practice has doubled in size and has an impeccable reputation for women’s health and the care of mental health patients. The design of the centre and the utilisation of the latest technology, contributes to this centre being one of the best general practices in Australia. We are proud to be their management team, a relationship we established from when One Point Medical opened its doors back in 2013.

Building Medical Centres

We are working closely with our strategic partners to build medical centres all over Australia. It is a very exciting time for growth in general practice, with some very innovative ways to care for patients and use technology to develop easier processes for doctors and staff. The design of the centres and the consideration of technology has certainly made our job fun and enthusiastic. Gone are the days of the “old looking medical centres”. Centres have “vogue” designs, offering free WIFI for patients, check in kiosks, patient concierge systems for entering of patient details and phone systems which flag which patient is phoning so the receptionist can add a “personal touch” to the phone call. Our partners are leaders in their industry and are developing some very exciting software and processes.

Non-medical centres owners are also given excellent ideas on how to build their practice at another centre. It is essential that doctors do not rely on the marketing from the practice to build their practice. As an individual, each patient’s health has to be managed to aid customer satisfaction and their return. For example, patients are sometimes not aware of what they are entitled to, so best to ensure all eligible item numbers are being used. As we always say, build a solid foundation to your practice and the rest will flow.

If you are thinking of starting a new centre, please give us a call to discuss your vision . We promise to take your practice to the next level, follow your vision ……even to Practice of the Year!

Practice Management

Our practice management model has grown 500% growth in the past 18 months. We are proud to have employed two amazing practice managers to help with the growth. These staff have been hand picked because of their innovative and passionate attitude towards practice management.

Each medical practice has their own design of management and we work closely with the owners to ensure their vision is being followed. Practice Management can be quite stressful, but our model is designed to ensure all processes are being followed so doctors and staff on the ground can get on with their jobs – looking after the patients.

The right Practice Management is vital to the success of your practice. You need to build the foundations of management to ensure growth and compliance. Doctors can waste hundreds of hours managing their practice instead of practicing medicine.

All too often clients phone us when they are ready to “throw in the towel”. Handing over your practice management to a professional team can save you thousands of dollars and also ensure that your business is being worked on and you are not just continuously acting as a reactive manager.

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