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Please find update below regarding OMP’s grandfathering as of October 2018.

The grandfathering arrangements will apply to doctors:

  • who were enrolled as participants of an OMPs program as at 1 November 2018, or
  • whose application to participate on an OMPs program was received by midnight on 31 October 2018 and was subsequently approved.

Grandfathered doctors will be able to retain access to higher rebates until 30 June 2023* subject to:

  • having a Medicare provider number for the location (via a placement in a s3GA workforce program, such as RLRP, in the case of Australian permanent residents and citizens)
  • compliance with all the relevant program guidelines (e.g. ROMPs guidelines, but also RLRP guidelines if applicable)
  • any program time limits.

During the grandfathering period, grandfathered doctors will be able to:

  • add, or move to, new eligible locations (subject to program guidelines)
  • resume access to OMPs after a gap period (subject to program guidelines)
  • transfer between OMPs programs, subject to program guidelines

*MOMPs program participants who have met the program’s active service requirements by that date will retain eligibility for the higher rebates indefinitely. Note that only certain doctors registered in Australia before 1996 are eligible for the MOMPs program.

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