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Management of medical practice promotion involves more than an A-frame and appointment cards or a listing on Google maps. Just like practice management, it requires a diverse set of skills and knowledge but ultimately must reflect the vision of the medical centre. Medical practice promotional activities should take a more proactive approach to make the […]

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I get asked this question several times a week and the best way to explain it is how I developed this system for virtual practice management many years ago, and the momentum it has created since that time. I managed a large general medical centre in Queensland. Ten consulting rooms, sixteen doctors and around ten […]

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We are seeking VR GPs or a General Practice, existing or planned, to be part of a new multi-million dollar funded Sunshine Coast project. Imagine playing an integral role in the new Sports Hub on the Sunshine Coast. You can view a 3D tour here at this multi-million dollar complex.

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Top Tips For Medical Practice Success – November 2018 Newsletter The primary goal for any medical clinic is a steadfast focus on patient care. It takes a lot of work behind the scenes to establish and maintain this focus. Key to your success is the culture of your practice and how your staff work within […]

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Managing a medical practice requires a diverse skill set. Taking a medical practice from plans through to a completed fit-out requires even more. That’s why Interite Healthcare Interiors are part of our practice setup team that consulted for the recent fit-out of Medpods Medical Centre.

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Please find update below regarding OMP’s grandfathering as of October 2018. The grandfathering arrangements will apply to doctors: who were enrolled as participants of an OMPs program as at 1 November 2018, or

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Setting up medical practice advertising that is cohesive, cost-effective and compliant with Australian Law requires many considerations. Just getting to the stage of setting up a medical practice ready to take bookings, involves a plethora of tasks.

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The thought of setting up a new medical centre can be exciting and daunting all at the same time. Being an doctor, you have probably worked in a number of centres before making the decision to start your own practice.

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Several factors can lead to your medical centre losing money, but that does not make your medical practice different from any other. Any medical practice that doesn’t have solid systems in place for every aspect of the clinic, will be losing money somewhere.

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It has been a very exciting couple of months for our company, with super growth and some great clients on board. We are very proud of our achievements and the great staff we have working with us. Medpods North Lakes Medpods will be completed mid – June 2018 . We have been overwhelmed with the interest from around Australia. Plans are moving […]